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The Bakerloo Incident

A meme on Facebook asked me for page 54 from “The Bakerloo Incident”, a conspiracy thriller set on the London Underground. So: As we exited Stonebridge Park, I looked at the display on the screen. My oyster card was clear,… continue reading »

EOTE2 – London Town

I awoke from dreams of a blue plague, on a train out of the city. I returned to London this weekend. The letter from the doctor said I was clear, my infection wasn’t fatal, and that I was cleared to… continue reading »

Red Snow

In increasing order from my door: The doorway, where you stood and you told me it was over. Where we kissed, and it had within it the subtle but unavoidable knowledge that this was a kiss of the class “goodbye”. Two… continue reading »

Red Hell

A far back as I can remember, I have lived in the cities of Hell. There’s nothing wrong with me, really. I wasn’t damned, or condemned. I’ve not sold my soul, if I have one, and my dad hasn’t either, but… continue reading »

EotE1 – The Plague

This time, I’m a doctor. I’ve been a doctor for thirty years, and this is the worst month of my life. Usually, I’d suffix that with “So Far” but given current circumstances, assuming the future is unwise. (Simultaneously, I’ve only… continue reading »


We operate on an 18 point sliding scale. The more worth a soul has, the more we will concentrate on making sure it goes where it is supposed to. At the top, you have the A souls, heading straight for… continue reading »


The first shaft of light broke over the horizon, igniting the border between earth and sky, and indirectly illuminating the city. Early morning joggers shielded their eyes against it, rendered a black silhouette against the morning sky. Rooms of houses,… continue reading »

The ritual

The soft unsilence before the tune begins serves to wake me up, and I consider the dreams of the night before giving in to the hopes of the day. The kettle has water from last night in it, and so… continue reading »


The darkness turned into the light. The dawn spread into morning. The morning drifted into afternoon, The afternoon faded to evening. The sun set over the evening. The stars spread out over the sky. And nothing turned, nothing shifted, nothing… continue reading »


What about earth, did you speak to them? Oh, the meat things? yes. Leaps and bounds, my friend. Leaps, and also bounds. They have a new thing. Oh? They’ve stopped being trapped in meat? Not quite, but they’ve discovered a… continue reading »

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