Flung Forth


We operate on an 18 point sliding scale. The more worth a soul has, the more we will concentrate on making sure it goes where it is supposed to.

At the top, you have the A souls, heading straight for the green pastures. There are, if we are lucky, two people with A-Grade souls alive at any one time, and we will do our absolute darnedest to ensure their proper collection.

Below that are B souls, of which there are maybe ten. Failing to collect one of those will be a major black mark on your record.

C’s… D’s… all are worthwhile. The volume of souls fills out around I/J/K, most people being basically Good. I know we only really advertise the top levels of what comes after, but it gives people something to aim for, you know? J’s will be perfectly happy for their own eternity, if not in the blissful absolute peace and bountiful glory of an A or B grade soul.

Down lower and you start to reap your sewn seeds. Graft, labour, torture all start to flow in as you head though the alphabet. It’s possible to work your way up – eternal torture doesn’t actually benefit _anyone_ in the end – just as it’s entirely possible for higher grades to Fall – capital F, double hockey-sticks. But the lowest of the low, and just as important to catch as the A-Grades, so they don’t get away, are the dark souls at the far lowest point of the scale. None of them have ever redeemed a single grade, and they sit in their pit suffering the worst we can offer. The most evil, blackest pits of humanity.

R Souls.

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