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In The Circle

(There’s a performance reading of this on Soundcloud) The smell of rain on leaves. The sound of spring unravelling. The taste of sunrise. The touch of hope. My lover will be here soon. There is no mistaking the sounds of… continue reading »


This #microfiction may be the closest I come to fanfic. Prompt was “You misspell “immortality” on your Superpower Application Form and end up with the power of immorality” The phone rang. It didn’t, usually. It had been a few years… continue reading »

Vending Machine Out Of Service

Work was being boring, and the coffee vending machine near my desk went down. The following updates were posted to my Facebook wall over the course of three days. It seems a shame to lose them in FB back-history. Thus:… continue reading »

Cats and Dragons

on cats and dragons, for Ser Webster The sky was blue, bright, and clear. Wisps of cloud drifted silently over the valley. The valley was green, lush, and glorious. Trees provided canopy deep into the depths between the hills, split… continue reading »

Deep in the Valley

They still crave blood, of course. Community service does not take away biology, but in the dark woods beyond the shrouded village, their huts remain unburnt – save that one accident – their dinners come without garlic, their surf without… continue reading »

EotE4: The Thanks of a Grateful Universe:

In a style borrowed from Mr Webster, a microfiction about luck: When the fog cleared, the debris swept away, the buildings rebuilt and the criminal proceedings complete, the universe was thankful. Someone paid off her mortgage. Some anonymous donations meant… continue reading »


We went to see a special showing of the Tetris movie. The seating was weird, they had allocated tickets in clumps all around the theatre. One family decided they wanted to sit closer to the screen, and as they sat… continue reading »

EotE 3 – Executing

The bunker was dark and still, and had been for a while now. The doors pointlessly locked and bolted – there was nobody to find them, and the tunnel had been collapsed – a room made remarkable by its ordinariness.… continue reading »

Leap Year

(Inspired by Webster’s Leap Year microfiction, and also Becca’s, which I can’t link here) You would think I’d track the date, but it’s always a surprise. There’s a presidential election in the US, and there’s the Olympics as well, and… continue reading »


A¬†psychiatrist¬†took an emergency appointment one cold summer’s day. She didn’t usually take these kind of things, but the month was slow and the pay was good, so she opened her office door to a short, athletic man with an easy… continue reading »

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