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EotE4: The Thanks of a Grateful Universe:

In a style borrowed from Mr Webster, a microfiction about luck: When the fog cleared, the debris swept away, the buildings rebuilt and the criminal proceedings complete, the universe was thankful. Someone paid off her mortgage. Some anonymous donations meant… continue reading »

EotE 3 – Executing

The bunker was dark and still, and had been for a while now. The doors pointlessly locked and bolted – there was nobody to find them, and the tunnel had been collapsed – a room made remarkable by its ordinariness.… continue reading »

EOTE2 – London Town

I awoke from dreams of a blue plague, on a train out of the city. I returned to London this weekend. The letter from the doctor said I was clear, my infection wasn’t fatal, and that I was cleared to… continue reading »

EotE1 – The Plague

This time, I’m a doctor. I’ve been a doctor for thirty years, and this is the worst month of my life. Usually, I’d suffix that with “So Far” but given current circumstances, assuming the future is unwise. (Simultaneously, I’ve only… continue reading »