Flung Forth

Red Snow

In increasing order from my door:

The doorway, where you stood and you told me it was over.¬†Where we kissed, and it had within it the subtle but unavoidable knowledge that this was a kiss of the class “goodbye”.

Two holes in the snow, where I stood and watched you leave me, dumbstruck.

The footprints, each double-impression pointing unavoidably away.

The two that are reversed, as you stood and looked one last time.

Some snow, stained darkest scarlet, where the witch’s curse finally struck you.

A cairn, until I can return.

My own footsteps.


My target.

Your avengement.

Flung Forth


The first shaft of light broke over the horizon, igniting the border between earth and sky, and indirectly illuminating the city. Early morning joggers shielded their eyes against it, rendered a black silhouette against the morning sky. Rooms of houses, flats, offices, shops. Empty shells of broken bottles, marble arts of figures past, the forgotten window of a rented basement where somewhere below a small beaker of something unfortunate bubbled and roiled against the unexpected light. A smash against a hard stone floor, and a silent plume of its smoke drifting over the last dawn the city would now see.

Flung Forth

The ritual

The soft unsilence before the tune begins serves to wake me up, and I consider the dreams of the night before giving in to the hopes of the day.

The kettle has water from last night in it, and so it is emptied, refilled, and put on to boil.

The teapot is warmed, dried, and two spoons of leaves are added. English Breakfast today.

The water boils and is added to the pot. It steeps while I clothe, brush my hair, find my shoes, turn on the PC.

Milk into the cup. Tea into the milk.

And the day can begin.

Flung Forth


The darkness turned into the light.

The dawn spread into morning.

The morning drifted into afternoon,

The afternoon faded to evening.

The sun set over the evening.

The stars spread out over the sky.

And nothing turned, nothing shifted, nothing moved.

As it never would again.

The daytime came from the night.

The dawn lit the ruins of city.

The morning cast light over the university.

The afternoon shone brightly into the laboretry.

The sun set hid the shards of the experiment.

The stars shone over the oceans.

And nothing spoke, nothing thought, nothing moved.

As it never would again.