Flung Forth

Welcome to the Pointed Spike

A Word From Our Owner:

“In the years since I retired from actually hunting the fallen, I have many times wondered why nobody had done this before. A place you can take your date and – should they live though the meal – be entirely sure they are of the living. Our menu is small, but will expand (We have research-chefs working daily. But anyway, Enjoy!”

– Liz Winters


  • Garlic Bread
  • Garlic Salad
  • Pan Con Tomate

Main Courses

  • Steak – (nb. Our steak is cooked with the fat, for a richer flavour. Our doctors remind us that this is not good for your heart)
  • Beef in red wine sauce. – (Made with communion wine)
  • Lemon Chicken – (From a traditional saxon recipe)


  • Garlic Icecream
  • The Buffet Trifle – (Whipped cream, Jelly made with holy water, Communion wafer base)

And after…

  • Coffee – (From consecrated grounds)

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