Flung Forth

The Steam Powered Arse

I built, from me parts, a steam-powered arse
for mine was blown up in a war.
It had copper pegs where it plugged to me legs.
And was shiny where the old one was sore.

It was made out of brass, my steam powered arse,
and a furnace was built in the back.
Where the fuel was all thrown, to burn on its own,
and keep me legs pumping on track.

I went pretty fast, with my steam powered arse,
pumping me legs like a motor
And with attached flappers could swim like the clappers,
Go faster than any old boater.

Something of a farse, my steam powered arse,
caused when I went out in the rain.
As the surface was hot – not a little, a lot.
So I looked like a moving steam train.

A quick advanced class, is my steam powered arse,
and me missus, she speedily learns
That when – as we might – get frisky at night,
it may inflict third degree burns.

So my question to you, and please answer it do
Is what might me and my long-term beloved.
Do that enhances, love with steam-powered arses,
without getting all hot and bothered?

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