Flung Forth


What about earth, did you speak to them?

Oh, the meat things? yes. Leaps and bounds, my friend. Leaps, and also bounds. They have a new thing.

Oh? They’ve stopped being trapped in meat?

Not quite, but they’ve discovered a way to process plants so that they form bricks.

Don’t they have rocks for that still?

They do, but these bricks are a lot lighter. A single person can carry loads of them at once, but when you get them wet and dry them, they form a substance harder than any of their rocks.

That’s great! They can build massive towers, beautiful arching towers that reach the heavens and prove their place in humanity.

Yes. Except they don’t build things from the bricks. They eat them with milk.

Eat them?

They call it weetabix.

Another thousand years, then?

At least.

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Completely genuinely, only because I think you’ll appreciate it properly, that reminds me a lot of DNA 🙂

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